New sizes of Carpet Runners and Turf Rugs.

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Crafting an outdoor living space you love can be a real challenge. House Home and More makes it easy to design your dream backyard with outdoor carpeting that is stylish, durable, and comfortable. You just have to know what will fit.

In this blog post and the accompanying video, you'll learn which outdoor carpet or turf products will work for your needs and setting.


Compare outdoor carpet and artificial turf

Outdoor carpet is meant for long term use. It's durable and soft to make an outdoor setting more comfortable. Like covering up an old deck or rough patio. You can measure and cut to fit precisely, or roll out in rectangular shape without any cutting.

Use outdoor carpet runners to add a new level of comfort over walkways and patio spaces. They really class up any backyard. Our blue outdoor carpet is especially favored for hard surfaces along a waterfront, dock, and pool deck.

Why Artificial turf?

Artificial turf is meant for short term use. Roll out artificial turf when you just need a nice accent to everyday fun. It's durable, but lightweight to easily roll up and store away. This works on hard and soft surfaces like grass.  Watch our video to learn how to install.

What's a turf rug?

Set outdoor turf rugs for events and parties for a unique feel. Note the grommets for easy and secure stake down. These supplies are included within your order so you've got all you need to install -- except a hammer.

Our brown turf rug is among the most popular choices of colors.

Why artificial turf runners?

Artificial turf runners are meant for a touch of elegance and color for events and parties. Similar to the rugs, they can be installed on hard or soft surfaces. You might walk upon a turf runner on grass at an outdoor wedding, or you might walk across a dirty asphalt parking lot classed up with a white turf runner.  Again, watch our video to see installation options here.

Both options of carpet and turf come in a variety of sizes and colors. So you can mix and match to really make your outdoor living space, well, an actual living space.

Find the perfect outdoor carpet or artificial turf for your home.
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