The Guide to Turf Rugs to Decorate Your Backyard or Go Camping With

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Fake grass carpets make picnics way more comfortable.

Fake grass can be used inside or outside; as a temporary event decoration, or for permanent installation. It can be a design choice as much as it is about function!

So how do you make sense of the many different names that describe it, and where you’re supposed to use it? With this guide, I can help you avoid the disappointment of buying artificial turf and discovering it’s not what you expected after opening the box.

By the end of this, you'll know how to recognize whether what's being described as “fake grass” matches what you want to purchase.

What Does “Fake Grass” Actually Mean?

In the online shopping world, the words and pictures that describe the product are all you've got to help you choose. And if you're lucky, there’s a video in addition to the pictures.

Fake grass is a term that gets applied to many distinct products and applications. It gets so confusing, that if you’re searching for a rug that just looks like grass, you might find yourself asking, “what is the fake grass carpet called?”

The artificial turf sold by House Home & More is popular with many customers. Some might call it 'fake grass,' but we don't. Mostly because this is our most misunderstood product, and we don’t want to confuse you. Although some of our styles have unfinished edges, every single turf product we carry is basically a lightweight rug. This is why we call it Artificial Turf.

Artificial Turf Carpets vs. Synthetic Grass vs. Fake Grass

Are you intending to use this inside or outside? Your answer may help you choose between synthetic grass and artificial turf. But even the names "artificial turf" or "synthetic grass" can be applied inconsistently by retailers.

People often use “synthetic grass” and “fake grass” to describe the same product, so looking at the name doesn't always solve the problem of identifying the “fake grass” product best suited to your intended use.

Although it can be used indoors and outdoors, artificial turf is generally not intended to be a substitute for the grass on your lawn. It's not for permanent installation. Think of artificial turf as the less realistic-looking alternative to synthetic grass, like an outdoor grass carpet. It has a texture more similar to a lightweight throw rug than your backyard.

Synthetic grass, in its most common industry definition, is meant to be used as a substitution for real grass in landscaping. It's permanent, mostly.

It's easy to be confused. The term “fake grass rug” can apply to so many different kinds of turf products, and the rugs can have a lot of variety too.

For those who are seeking a synthetic replacement for natural grass that you can have permanently installed in your backyard, we recommend you visit this source for a guide to synthetic grass for installation. Unfortunately, you won't find that kind of product here.

Outdoor Rugs that Look Like Grass

The products we do make use an artificial turf made from UV-protected plastic fibers on a flexible marine backing. It's soft and comfortable to walk on, but it's thin and lightweight.

Remember, the artificial turf used in House Home & More products is not comparable to the synthetic grass that you can have installed in your backyard for a permanently green landscape. You’ll find our artificial turf is easy to fold up and store because of the flexible marine backing used on all of our artificial turf products.

This also means they’re safe to get wet, even if you place the turf rug by your pool. The all-weather polypropylene fibers the turf is made of are a mold and mildew-resistant material, so this turf air-dries quickly. It's easy to hose off and spray clean!

Depending on which product you buy, there are two different artificial turf materials we use.

Spectrum series turf is the most plush-feeling artificial turf we offer with a 1/4 inch pile height. It’s made of a more durable all-weather polypropylene, so you’ll find it feels like a heavier material. With more individual fibers per square inch, this turf gives a nice look to your patio or balcony.

spectrum series artificial turf carpet camping rug

You can find this spectrum series turf among our products called Artificial Turf. But please make sure the name of the product you order contains “spectrum series”. Otherwise, you’ll have ordered event turf by mistake!

Event turf is made of an especially lightweight all-weather polypropylene. So products made with this material are best used for a single event or other light use like picnics or camping rugs. This event turf is easily folded up for storage, or for throwing in the back of your car for a picnic.

event turf green picnic rug

You might consider our Outdoor Turf Rug as an alternative to a picnic blanket. It’s also useful as a ground covering for event tents or other shade canopy style tents. This product has finished edges, and grommeted holes in each corner so you can stake it down.

If you’re looking for a long and narrow piece of event turf with finished edges and grommets in the corners, perhaps to line a walkway for an event, then you’ll need an Artificial Turf Runner.

Rugs for Picnics and Camping Trips

Rather than bring a blanket that will get dirt and leaves on it, Outdoor Turf Rugs make picnics easy. You can stake the corners down with grommets to make sure it doesn’t get flighty in the wind. And it easily folds up to toss in the back of your car!

Maybe you're going camping and you want to relax outside the tent. You can easily minimize the dust and make a quick outdoor living room by pulling out a turf rug with a couple camp chairs.

For the most plush-feeling artificial turf rug for your RV "patio," you'll want to buy the spectrum series Artificial Turf. The edges are unfinished, so you can expect a small amount of fraying. But you can also cut this turf to fit the precise size you're looking for.

Bring Nature Inside with Artificial Grass Rugs

There are some places you can find an artificial grass rug that's intended to be used inside, with a backing that's skid resistant. But we don't recommend using House Home & More turf for that purpose. 

If you want to experiment with upholstering some whimsical furniture in a grass-like material, artificial turf might work for that. You can easily cut it to size, but if you don't finish the edges, it will eventually fray. 

For a lightweight blanket that could be laid down in a carpeted playroom, the Outdoor Turf Rug can be a fun space to inspire the imagination. Lego town anyone?

Turf Rugs for Your Outdoor Living Room

Artificial Turf makes it easy to bring a touch of extra green to your balcony garden or a small courtyard. It can also be used to cover the floor of your backyard shed to keep the inside nice and clean. 

Someone very daring decided to try out using artificial grass rugs for covering furniture. If you want to add some playfulness to your outdoor seating, it's easy to experiment with using fake grass for upholstery.

 Because it stands up to outdoor exposure better than most outdoor fabrics, add a touch of whimsy and cover your outdoor furniture with some artificial turf rugs. Bar stools, ottomans, pillows, the list goes on. It's even been used on a couch by one of our customers.

Maybe you have outdoor furniture you already like, but you wish your feet were a little more comfortable? Artificial turf carpets don't just come in green anymore.

Half the fun is having lots of colors to choose from. But don't worry. If you're a naturalist looking for a green to blend in with your backyard, there's an artificial turf carpet from House Home and More in a rich green color.

Sometimes you just need something to lay beside your outdoor pool to soak up the extra water from splashes. And it doesn't hurt to give your feet an extra layer between bare skin and the sunbaked stone of your patio.

Artificial Turf can be purchased in a variety of rectangular sizes, and if you need to, you can easily cut it to fit your space precisely. It will dry quickly thanks to the marine backing, and the turf is mold and mildew resistant. Which means it's safe to get wet!

No need to worry about the turf melting either. We have many customers here in Arizona who've used their turf outside with no issues. If it can survive the summers here, you're good to go!

Your Dogs and Fake Grass

Synthetic grass is a fun perk in a dog kennel. It helps your dogs feel playful, and it feels better on their feet than concrete.

But this is not something we recommend using House Home & More turf products for. They're not meant to be used as a grass substitute. There are no holes specifically for draining pet urine, so it wouldn't be ideal for use by your pets.

Decorating with outdoor rugs does give aging dogs something to grip onto when climbing onto a deck or patio. That added grip and traction can help them feel safer and less anxious, especially if they have hip problems.

For those of you with senior dogs at home, you might enjoy this article with vet-recommended tips that can help your senior dog feel safer.

Artificial Turf Rugs at Events

When it comes to an event like a wedding, where there might be a floor-length dress made of delicate materials, there is a small risk the dress might get snagged by artificial turf. Even if the turf itself is soft, lace and silk can be vulnerable.

So if you're planning a wedding and you're looking for an aisle runner carpet, we recommend you use an Outdoor Carpet Runner for that.

For more casual events held outside with a canopy tent, you might want to cover the "floor" with a rug that blends in with the grass, and coordinates with your color scheme. In which case, Outdoor Turf Rugs are an excellent choice!

black outdoor turf rug under canopy tent

If you choose to use turf as a floor for your event tent, we recommend that you only use it for a short time. These rugs made of event turf are wonderful for one-time use. But if they're left out in the elements for months at a time, the materials will start to degrade. 

A Turf Rug of Your Own

So you've decided to take the plunge. You're ready to enjoy your own nature-inspired paradise with a carpet made of artificial turf.

With this handy guide, you were able to do the research to learn what makes House Home & More artificial turf distinct from synthetic grass. And now all you have to do now is place the order and wait for shipping!