November 16, 2017 · Posted by Gabrielle Alyse

Learn the simplest method of giving your area rug a good cleaning. We promise we won't ask you to work too hard. This is the easy way, after all!

1. How to Know It's Time to Clean

If your area rug has been collecting dust for awhile and stains are piling up, that's your cue. This is when it needs more than a good vacuuming.
It's not something that's fun to do, but the satisfaction of walking across your freshly cleaned rug will more than pay off.
Give your toes the treat of walking across a freshly cleaned carpet runner.
Before you get carried away, please keep this in mind: don't put your indoor carpets in the washer OR dryer. All of that rolling around deteriorates the non-skid rubber backing, and the heat from the dryer actually melts the backing.

The non-skid rubber backing on your House Home & More rug is strong and durable, but it's not indestructible.

Many people think they can wash a rug in their washing machine, and as long as they don't put it in the dryer, their rug is okay. It's okay, it's a common mistake.

To avoid any further confusion, putting a rug in the washing machine actually does just as much damage as putting one in the dryer. So take care of your rug without damaging it, by using our recommended method of cleaning.

2. Prep Your Area Rug

House Home & More rugs are easily vacuumed thanks to the stiff rubber backing. 

Your rug will stay flat on the floor, without getting bunched up or stuck in your vacuum.

Washing your rug will be much easier if you vacuum it first to get the loose dirt and such off. If it's still dusty after that, try beating it with a broom handle, or a tennis racket.

3. Set Up a Cleaning Workspace

You'll probably want it outside, and it'll be nice to have a hose nearby. Do your closet a favor and wear clothes that can get wet and dirty because this is going to take some elbow grease.

Even our indoor carpets can be hosed off. They're made with high-quality olefin carpet, so you can get your area rug soaking wet.

The high-pressure spray from your hose works really well to remove stains and dirt.

You don't have to worry about causing mildew or mold when you wash your favorite House Home & More rug.
Gather your cleaning tools so they're within easy reach. A scrub brush with a wide handle will help you get a good grip while you work the stains out of your rug.
A wide handled-brush helps you get a good grip while you scrub.
It might help to have a bucket of soapy water nearby to help with your spot cleaning.

4. Washing Your Area Rug

Every House Home & More rug can be taken outside, hosed off, and dried in the sun. Especially for all outdoor rugs, we highly recommend taking advantage of that easy cleaning method.

If it's a little too cold for you to clean your area rug outside, your garage will work great. If you prefer to work in your laundry room, just make sure it's okay if your floors get wet first.

When it comes to the tough stains - spot clean like any other carpet in your home. Use a mild soap or detergent for spot cleaning.

Most of our products can also be cleaned with a carpet cleaner. The only product we don't recommend using that for is our Artificial Turf.

5. Finishing Up

When you're done washing your rug, it will be extra heavy from all the water weight. Find a place to lay it out to dry. 

Because your rug is large and wet, you're going to need something a little stronger than a clothesline to hang it over.

A clothesline isn't going to be strong enough for this job.

Outside in the sun is always going to get the job done. Hang the rug over the railing on your deck, lay it out flat in the grass, or on your driveway. 

But if you're worried the weather might change, you can lay your rug to dry in your garage or laundry room so it's protected.