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Nothing says 'special event' better than a dazzling red carpet runner. Adding a red carpet is a sure-fire way to create a glamorous and elegant surrounding, whether you're welcoming a head of state, walking down the aisle to say your I do's, hobnobbing with Hollywood stars at a movie premiere -- or pretending with friends at your own party.

Do you want to know a secret? You can actually use red carpet runners in any event for as long as you want it to feel extra special. No need for glittering lights (although it helps) or formal handshakes to enjoy them. It's important if it's important for you. However, keep in mind that quality still counts here. You wouldn't want your most special guests walking on tattered red carpets, do you? This can easily be avoided if you learn to spot the low-quality ones from the best. That way, you avoid wasting money and time in the end.

Our red carpet runner stays secure in its place.

Low Quality vs. High Quality Red Carpet Runners

How will you know if that red carpet runner is something you need to avoid buying? Our main rule here is to look for price and overall sloppiness. If the price is too good to be true, it is. You're likely buying the equivalent of felt or red paper, not carpet, not a rug. Oftentimes, these runners are weighted down on the edges because they are so thinly constructed they bunch up in different places. This makes their surfaces look uneven, especially if the edges are curled over. The poorly-constructed ones are sometimes so thin (sometimes made of felt) that you're highly-prone to snagging shoes. Not only does the thinness make the "carpet" liable to rip, it also makes it dangerous for women in high heels.

Our red carpet runners have rubber backings that allow them to stay in place, so snagged shoes (and likely accidents) are a thing of the past. What's more, they're evenly flat -- just like that exquisite pancake you once had for breakfast. No need to smooth down their corners to make them look like they've been ironed over. You can easily unroll them hours before your event starts, and the carpets will look professionally prepared -- ready for their big close up.

Their reliable functionality and durability truly makes them perfect for any glamorous event or home.

Our runners on the left, the cheap alternative on the right. Ours easily unrolls and lies flat without hassle.

Good Quality at the Right Price

Choosing the right red carpet runner may prompt questions, so if you need more information, just contact our customer service and we'll be glad to answer your questions. Not sure which size for your event's location? We'll help you match our best pieces for whatever event you're planning at the moment -- and send fabric swatch samples for free.

Do you want red carpet runners to last for more than one event? While you may get a lifetime of use out of quality runners, even one special event is reason enough to experience the feeling of firm, flat-rolling, no-snag, safe-walking red runners. Don't risk your special day with runners that aren't up to the occasion.

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