Stretch and scratch in style: red carpet cats

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Stretch and scratch in style:  red carpet cats

When you stand or walk on a red carpet, the world and your place in it feels a bit more special. Who is to say cats don't feel the same?

Cats know they are special already, you might say, agreeing with Mary Bly who once remarked:  "Dogs come when you call. Cats take a message and get back to you later."

So the last thing a cat needs is to feel even more special, as in walking the red carpet. But that, we think, depends on the circumstances.

Shelter cat walking the red carpet

A stainless steel cage at the local animal rescue would humble any creature, and for one that loves to stretch and scratch, the slick but sanitary steel must be downright awful.

Our support of HALO Animal Rescue in our hometown of Phoenix gives us a chance to change that experience for as many cats as we can.

Our red carpet runners, and indoor / outdoor carpet, are cut to measure in our factory. The left over bits, given some extra trimming, are just the right size to fit in a shelter's cat cage.

From the looks of Artoo and Beebee, guests of the no-kill HALO shelter, the warmth and scratchability of our red carpet is appreciated. The slippery little blanket or puffed bed considerately provided by HALO doesn't give quite the satisfying resistance to a long claw pullback as a nice woven rug. But if you've got cats, you knew that already.

Cat BeeBee eating on the red carpet

Not all of the cats get red carpet, as cats are finicky that way. Some prefer the elegance of white, and so we do our best to oblige. 

These two brothers featured in images here, Artoo and Beebee, preferred the red carpet because it matched their collars.

Do you have a no-kill shelter in your hometown? We'd like to share the scraps we collect with a shelter that you think is worthy of support. Contact us on our Facebook page to tell us where you'd recommend we send a donated box of rugs sure to brighten the day of cats in humble circumstances.