Caring for pets in need of a new home

Posted by Dee Dee Benitez on

Providing safety and comfort is not just our passion; we also love to give back. After careful selection, we're happy to announce that HALO (Helping Animals Live On) Animal Rescue is the recipient of House Home & More's charity drive this year.

Helping Animals Live On

HALO's passion is not to just love animals but to make the community a safe place for abandoned pets. Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, theirs is a haven for homeless dogs and cats who are in danger of getting euthanized for injuries, illnesses, or other cases where they might be too scared (or even too fragile) to become adopted. HALO Animal Rescue lovingly cares for these animals while they are prepared for adoption.

Their commitment also goes beyond caring for these animals inside their shelters. They are working tirelessly to create a better welfare system for all animals in the community by nurturing relationships with other welfare agencies. Their goal is to save as many lives as possible.

In our own little way, we hope to give back to our community in matters closest to our hearts. Our pets are precious to us as well as our customers, and we give thanks by celebrating the efforts of organizations that care for cats and dogs in need, like HALO. 

And as a way to celebrate the holidays, HH&M will donate $1 to the HALO organization for every order placed from Nov 27 to December 31. Your help will surely bring a smile to all their furry animals that are still waiting for loving homes. 

It is our hope that these efforts would be the start of more fruitful partnerships with organizations that strive to make a difference in the world we live in. And of course, none of this would be possible without your help. 

We would like to thank you for all your suggestions of worthy organizations during our email campaign. Thank you for helping us make the world a healthier and happier place for pets (and owners alike).

This is just the beginning, so if you have ideas or suggestions for worthy organizations supporting pets in your area, please contact us.