Your Ultimate Rug Guide: 8 Popular Patterns and the Personalities They Fit

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Your Ultimate Rug Guide: 8 Popular Patterns and the Personalities They Fit

Things change rapidly in the world of interior design, especially when it comes to popular patterns. The “it” trends for this summer will likely be out by the next and fall fabs might not be relevant by spring.

How are you supposed to keep up? Well, like any good choice, it starts with a little bit of knowledge, and the rest is all about you!

Believe it or not, there is a real psychology behind why we’re drawn to certain shapes and patterns. It can actually be a lot of fun to find out why you might be drawn to some patterns and put off by others. It’s sort of like reading your pattern personality horoscope.

Want to know which pattern is written in the stars for your home? Good, because we’ve built an incredible list of common rug styles, along with whose home you might find them in!

Think of it as your essential Rugs 101 course, and class is now in session.
Pattern enthusiasts? Present!


Moroccan Trellis Rugs

The Moroccan trellis pattern has gained popularity over recent years and it’s likely due to its versatility. This pattern is great for people with a modern taste who prefer clean lines and symmetry. Yet, it’s also adored by those who prefer a more classic look, much like the baroque style.
Moroccan Pattern RugThe trellis pattern interweaves lines to create a supporting structure. It can be played with in many ways and the Moroccan style is just one of those variations. The lines can vary in width, and the pattern can be stretched, shrunken down or even embellished with more intricate patterns depending on the size of the item they’re on. For instance, a 6 x 9 area rug will typically have a larger trellis than a kitchen window curtain.

You might find a Moroccan trellis rug in the home of someone with a draw to contemporary décor, someone who favors the classics or someone who’s eclectic enough to intertwine the two!


Floral Rugs

Floral patterns have continuously been up and down on the list of what’s in and what’s out in décor. Sometimes floral designs are thought of as refreshing and other times they are considered outdated. The time of year, location of your home and how you apply floral patterns can have an impact on their success.

Just like flora itself, this motif is continuously evolving; often toying with bigger, bolder color schemes and moving beyoFloral Patternnd the realm of the “delicate flower.” Perhaps that’s why this clever pattern never truly goes out of style - it’s always changing.

Floral patterns inspire a sense of natural beauty and can utilize vibrant or neutral colors found in nature. People often use them to bring a country feel to a city home or to make the enclosure of the indoors reflect the freedom of the outdoors.

Rugs with a floral motif will likely be found in the home of those who breathe easiest in the open air. They prefer a pleasant and relaxing vibe, but also have a sense of adventure. Bring a floral rug into your home if you’re intrigued by the outdoors and hope to share its comfort with others.


Diamond Rugs

The diamond pattern is a geometric shape featuring clean, symmetric lines. This motif has been found popular through many cultures, over many ages of humanity.

Diamond Pattern RugThe diamond has been said to symbolize clarity, ascension and a next-realm type of wisdom. In some cultures, the diamond shape signifies the butterfly, which of course represents transformation, rebirth and the soul’s journey.

The four points of the diamond have also been said to represent the four natural elements found on Earth: earth, air, fire and water. This can be thought of as a universal balance and energy that unites all creatures.

In terms of gemstones, diamonds popularly represent rarity, commitment, love and luxury.

Bring a diamond pattern rug into your home if you’re looking for a sense of balance or if your focus is on positive change and revival. You can also incorporate this pattern if you’re simply a fan of geometric patterns that keep your home looking clean and sophisticated!


Oriental Rugs

Luxury… Is there any other word that comes to mind with the thought of Oriental rugs?

TraditioOriental Rug Patternsnally, these rugs are hand woven and made of pricier materials, like wool or silk. Because they’re hand-made, each rug is one of a kind and can cost several thousands of dollars, depending on size.

However, many manufacturers today produce machine-made Oriental style rugs, which brings the cost down greatly. Modern printing technology has also made it possible to get similar looking patterns on less expensive materials.

Oriental style rugs are typically designed with rich colors, like red, gold, deep blue and emerald green. They feature an array of intricate designs and motifs, which can include symbols, text, animals, flowers and more. These depictions represent a variety of themes found in life, nature, fortune and spirituality.

An Oriental rug will likely be found in the home of someone who values both tradition and opulence. Fans of this design are most likely admirers of imagery and symbolism, those who love studying minute detail and those who seek a deeper meaning in their surroundings.


Abstract Rugs

Abstract RugsAbstract rug patterns, much like abstract art, play with color and form to create unique designs that don’t try to depict reality. These images can be planned with meticulous purpose or created with no strategy at all. Abstract rugs usually feature free-flowing shapes and lines. Their unique imagery oftentimes creates an emotional response, making them a bold focal point of a room, even when featuring modest colors.

Those drawn to abstract designs are said to be open-minded and creative people. They are usually deep-thinking extroverts who enjoy profound conversation. Bringing an abstract rug into your home will undoubtedly stir up great conversation among your guests!


Geometric Rugs

There are many popular geometric patterns found in rugs. We already covered a couple of them when we went over the diamond and trellis patterns. But let’s touch on a few more major ones, for good measure.

Rectangle Pattern RugSquares and rectangles are probably the most recognizable shapes for most of us. They are sturdy and reliable shapes that we encounter everywhere in our daily lives: bricks, buildings, doors, windows, boxes, televisions, cell phones, tablets, computers, paper, etc. Take a quick look around you… how many squares and rectangles can you see in this very moment?

Square and rectangle patterned rugs will likely fit in the home of someone who values trust, tradition and dependability. They find comfort in surrounding themselves with relationships and items they find to be balanced, reliable and long-standing.

Circular Rug PatternCircles and ovals are a few more highly familiar shapes, and they appear many places in nature: the sun, the moon, rocks, pearls, bubbles, seeds, eggs, eyes, etc. They also represent some of the most basic, but influential advancements of mankind, like the wheel and the ball.

Circles imply movement, and because they have no definite beginning or end, they tend to conjure up thoughts of endlessness.

Those attracted to circular patterns are most likely inspired by the notion that life flows in cycles. They are likely heavy contemplators who enjoy letting their minds stretch with the cosmos. Try incorporating a circle pattern rug into your décor if you’re wanting a sense of wholeness.

Triangles are another Triangle Patternbasic shape that we familiarize with from a young age. We see them around us in advertising, logos, road signs, printed fabric, and so on. We most commonly recognize triangles throughout nature in their upright position. We spot them in pine trees, mountains, rooftops, the pyramids of Giza, etc.

Triangles feature a natural incline that steadily stretches to reach a final peak. They are a symbol of perseverance, determination, and a climb to greatness.

In this sense, those keen on decorating with triangles are probably driven to be the best they can be, in any venture, whether it’s business or personal matters. They love pushing themselves to reach new pinnacles, and they revel in achieving new feats.

Geometric patterns have an extremely wide range. They are not only made up of the basic shapes we learned in elementary school. Geometric designs can be made of unique shapes that have a consistent, balanced and typically repetitive design, like embellished hexagons, quatrefoils and snowflake type shapes.


Designing Your Life

While the history, familiarity and acceptance of patterns can create a generalization of their interpretation, it’s ultimately up to you to decide what styles you bring into your home.

Never forget, your home is first and foremost yours. It’s a representation of you, your family and pets, your successes and goals, your comforts, past and future.

If you adore Oriental rugs because they remind you of weekend sleepovers at your favorite aunt’s house or a trip to a historical mansion that kick-started your love of architecture, then these rugs will never go out of style for you - no matter what the trending magazines or websites might say.

But, it’s also natural for your design preferences to fluctuate over time. Take a cue from the abstract style and let your inclinations flow without limits. Transform with the patterns of the season, if you like. Be a bold trendsetter, if you dare. Or rest in the comfort of expert advice, if you wish. Trust your interior design intuition and just have fun!