Stair treads keep Milkshake spill-free for 5 years

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Stair treads keep Milkshake spill-free for 5 years

There is a simple truth that every pet owner has come to know: there are few things that we wouldn't do for our special friends.

Milkshake on Attachable Carpet Stair Treads

We respond to the unconditional love that these pets shower us with each day with preferential treatment!

Doreen found a way to repay her dog “Milkshake” by helping Milkshake feel safe at home.

When “Milkshake the Maltipoo” runs down the stairs after a long day of waiting to see Doreen, she travels down attachable stair treads.

"She is 10 years old and [HHM's] stair treads help her to get up and down our
hardwood stairs safely and easily," says Doreen. "The stairs would definitely be slippery without the treads, and we don't want her to injure herself." 

Four paws which stair treads are best for you?

Since Doreen's purchase five years ago, we have added to our line of popular Attachable Carpet Stair-Treads

Our stair treads product line now features our Skid-Resistant and Tape-Down stair tread applications. Depending on your needs, every member of the family from the largest Saint Bernard down to the tiny tiniest little kitten can have the grip that just won’t slip.

Milkshake won’t miss an opportunity to greet her owner each night. The attachable carpet stair treads not only have kept her safe throughout the years but also made sure she is ready to wag her tail and bark with joy to provide a grand entrance for her owner.

“We have had these treads for five years now, and they are still in great condition,” says Doreen. “I would definitely order them again!”

Your flavor of Milkshake

Colors are an excellent way to convey your home or express the unique personality of your decor. Doreen’s choice to match her beautiful wooden stairs was Pebble Beige. Another all-time favorite neutral-tone is the Chocolate Brown. The Praline Brown is also popular. 

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