The Easy Way to Make Your Home Feel More Relaxed

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A typical example of minimalist interior design.

Thinking about your interior design at home like a minimalist makes a difference.

If you're looking for a new investment piece or looking for motivation to clear out some of the clutter scattered throughout your house, approaching it from a minimalist perspective can make the process easy and stress-free.

Minimalist Interior Design

So what is minimalist interior design all about? At its most basic level, minimalism is about simplicity - the fewer things, the better.

Less is more.

It’s not about a pattern, or the absence of pattern (think plain, solid colors), but rather it’s about stuff. The presence or absence of physical objects.

Some people take it to the extreme, and create large airy spaces, usually with white walls, and a few staple furniture pieces. Others find a way to keep the furniture and decorations to only what they need, but they still add personal touches in a way that makes the space still feel welcoming.

A wall of glass is a beautifully simple way to bring the outside in.

Minimalism is a philosophy that extends beyond the range of interior design. For many people, it frames their whole way of living.


Benefits of Minimalist Living

One of the biggest pillars of minimalism is owning only what you need, and no more. This makes it easy when it comes to keeping minimalist interior design clutter-free.

When your home is well organized and free of clutter, you might find it helps you feel like you have more mental space than before.

It’s more relaxing, and definitely easier to clean.

The style can be described as "not fussy." It's clutter-free, and simple, with lots of clean lines. Having fewer pieces increases the importance of each piece. When you pair bold colors with carefully curated furniture, it's easy to design a room that looks graphic and interesting. 

People who choose to live a minimalist lifestyle tend to spend more energy on experiences, and less on things.

They also recognize the importance of investing in quality pieces that last. Having less physical possessions means there’s more space in their budget to spend on higher quality things when they do make a purchase.


The Beauty of "Timeless" Quality

High-quality staples that are well-taken care of, and last for years, can become treasured pieces in your home decor. When hearing the words "investment piece," you usually think of a solid wood bookcase, or something similar. Not often is a rug the first thing you think of in this context.

It’s simple, it’s timeless, and it can complement a minimalist aesthetic.

But when you need to buy a rug, you want to make sure it will be worth the money you spend on it. When you find a rug you like, without fancy patterns, it can go with anything.

It’s an old practice; taking care of what you have so you can reuse it, and not making unnecessary replacements. When you buy an investment piece, that generally means you’ll keep it for a long time.

We live in a consumer-focused society, where few products are actually built to last. High-quality investment pieces are an exception to this, and buying less extra furniture, knick-knacks, etc. leads to less product turnaround.

This practice is very in line with minimalism. Why needlessly cycle through new stuff when you could simply take care of what you already have, for as long as you can?

When that happens, there’s a little less waste to go around the earth.

So go you! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Rugs keep the space open, while keeping it comfortable.

When it comes time to make that investment purchase, the House Home & More Non-Slip Indoor Rugs make an excellent choice. 

High-quality? Check! Look beautiful, and feel nice on your bare feet? Check!

Expensive? Not at all.


You Decide How Much

The minimalist interior design style isn’t for everyone, but there are still ways you can incorporate the things you do like.

Something as simple as taking the time to go through your closets and donate the things you don’t use is an easy place to start.

Perhaps the practice of minimalism is something you apply only to the colors you use at home. Keeping colors down to just a few will easily make a room feel more unified.

Maybe you love displaying your framed photos, but you don’t like the way they clutter tabletops. So take a bunch of them and make a statement by organizing many photos into one big gallery wall.

Now your furniture has less stuff sitting on top of it.

See how easy that was?


The Comfortable Minimalist Living Room

Some people turn away from minimalist interior design because living spaces can look bare or uninviting. Minimalism thrives by creating a simple space and still having enough detail to make it feel like home.

Using minimalist design doesn’t mean that you have to forego everything comfortable and personal. Little details like personal photographs, pieces collected on your travels, throw pillows, cozy blankets, and a rug on the floor make all the difference. 

You can start by finding a simple, classic, quality rug to ground the room. This helps keep it looking tastefully curated and comfortable.

When you use a rug that is timeless and versatile, the color lasts, and its quality doesn't "age" quickly. This means when you want to redo your home space, you can repurpose the rug. 

Keep it in the room where it started, or try it somewhere else. The choice is yours.

You might be surprised how much fun it is re-arranging the things you already have in your home, to make it feel completely different, without buying anything new.


Bringing Minimalism Into Your Home

The way a rug dresses up, or supports, your decor isn’t something immediately associated with minimalism. And that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be.

But when you take the time to purchase a rug, thinking about it from a minimalist perspective might yield surprising results.

Some people like to have statement pieces in each room they decorate, and sometimes that statement comes from a rug.

What if you have an incredible piece of art on the wall, and you want that to be the statement piece of the room? Or a super comfy velvet couch, that looks chic and glamorous?

Thinking "minimalist" about your rug makes it easy to find a solid color that matches your room's color palette and doesn’t detract attention from the statement piece you already have.

What it does is give depth to the space of a room and the way you arrange the furniture. It muffles sound, and it adds that extra touch of "lived-in" feel that makes your house, feel like home.

House Home & More offers a wide range of sizes so you can find the perfect area rug for your home.

A rug keeps your toes happy, when you remove them from the blanket you were snuggled in on that awesome couch. And when it’s high-quality, the design might be simple, but the rug looks beautiful.

The best part? It fits right in with the rest of your room.