How to soften noise and echoes in the home

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How to soften noise and echoes in the home

Indoor carpets, area rugs and carpet runners soften noise in your home.

Hardwood, slate, and tiled floors are beautiful, but they can amplify noise and echoes throughout your home. Footfalls in hallways, dog nails clicking on tiles, echoes in garages or basements can all be quieted with House Home & More's variety of flooring options.


Area Rugs

Area rugs are an ideal flooring option If you don't want to carpet and entire room, but want to reduce noise. Durable, easy to clean and available in a variety of sizes and colors, House Home & More's area rugs are not only beautiful, they will make any room in your home quiet and comfortable.

    • Carpet Sizes range from 2 Ft. x 3 Ft. to 8 Ft. x 12 Ft.
    • 9 solid colors, 6 textured patterns
    • Skid-resistant waffle-patterned rubber backing

    Carpet Runners

    Tiled or hardwood flooring can reflect and amplify sound and echoes, especially in enclosed areas like hallways. Carpet runners will soften noise in your hallways while simultaneously offering a skid-resistant and comfortable walking surface.
    If you have a concrete outdoor dog run, make your buddy more comfortable and reduce noise with an outdoor rug runner or artificial turf runner.
      • 9 solid colors , 6 textured patterns.
      • Skid-resistant waffle-patterned rubber backing
      • Finished edges

      Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

      House Home & More's indoor/outdoor carpets, area rugs and rug runners beautify every room in your home and help reduce noise at the same time, all without breaking the bank. Indoor and  outdoor/indoor carpets are the flooring solution you’ve been looking for to help dampen sound and reduce echoes in converted garages, unfinished basements, hardwood and tiled floors, or even concrete dog runs.

        • UV protected 
        • easy to install and maintain. 
        • Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Brown
        • Sizes:  6 Ft x 10 Ft, 6 Ft x 15 Ft,  6 Ft x 20 Ft, 6 Ft x 25 Ft, 6 Ft x 30 Ft, 6 Ft x 35 Ft, 6 Ft x 40 Ft



          "Nice rug and it doesn't slip on the floor at all. Would definitely recommend House, Home and More."
          - Michael B., West Jordan, UT