Pareto Screw & Fastener kit

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Pareto Screw & Fastener kit

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Product Description


When you encounter a home repair, the effort or time can quickly double because of the need to source the parts.  How often do you already have what you need at home?

With this screw, fastener, and anchor kit, you can relax knowing you've got what you need for the most common situations at home.

The kit we built for ourselves

Pair this kit with common tools like a screw driver (not included) and you'll make quick work of everyday chores.

House Home & More is part of a family business with 5 decades of experience in home repair and construction. We know the hassle of sourcing and organizing parts. This is the kit we made for ourselves and our friends.

A unique gift idea

Makes a practical housewarming gift for loved ones! Appropriate for holiday gift giving. Make it a gift for the wedding groom.

This kit is a keeper, a gift the recipient will take delight in each time it saves them the hassle of seeking out that one screw or fastener. It's a gift to be kept for a lifetime.

Designed for optimal efficiency

Save storage space because there's nothing unnecessary in selection or quantity. See specifications tab for details.

This kit holds most of the screws, fasteners, or anchors you'll ever need at home. The kit's professional organization makes finding what you need so obvious an amateur will feel comfortable.

Just the essentials

Warning:  this kit's contents will not solve every home repair that requires a screw or fastener. But it will be what you need for most of them. It's contents embody the 80/20 Pareto principle in the sense that 80% of home repairs can be addressed with a few common parts. This kit contains these essential parts.


What's included in the kit, organized in a durable, secure locking case:

*Oval Head Slotted Wall Plate Screw (3 sizes & colors) * Truss Head Phillips Machine Screw (3 sizes) * Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw * Set Screw Slotted * Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw (2 sizes) * Fender Washer (2 sizes) * Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw with #8 Flat Washer Lock, Lock Washer, 8-32 Hex nut * Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw (2 sizes) * Flat Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw (3 sizes) * Coarse Thread Drywall Screw (4 sizes) * Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw (2 sizes) * Carriage Bolt with 1/4" Flat Washer, 1/4" Lock Washer, 1/4" -20 Hex nut *Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw with #10 Flat Washer, Lock Washer, 10-24 Hex nut (2 sizes) * Pan Head Phillips Sheet Metal Screw (4 sizes) * Short Molly Anchor * Toggle Bolt * Hex Head Lag Screw * #10 x 1 1/2" Pan Head Phillips Screw, Ribbed Plastic Anchor * Screw In Drywall Anchor

The quantities and sizes are optimized for the most common home or apartment repairs. You'll have most of what you need, most of the time, without the hassle of sifting through what you don't need.


Tools not included:

The following tools are recommended for installation and use of the screws and fasteners but not included in this kit:  #2 Phillips Screw Driver; 11/32" Nut Driver or Wrench; 1/8" wide flat blade screw driver, a 3/16" wide flat blade screw driver; 7/16" nut driver, combination wrench or socket wrench; a 3/8" nut driver or wrench; drill;  #2 Phillips drive drill bit; 1/4" high speed drill bit; 5/8" masonry bit; 13/64" high speed drill bit; 7/16" socket wrench or combination wrench; 1/4" masonry drill bit.

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