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Reinvent Outdoor Spaces

Whether you have a deck, patio or concrete surface, you can create a more comfortable outdoor space by adding Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. Going on a camping trip, picnic or outdoor event? Define your personal space and bring comfort outdoors.

Red Carpet Events

Whether you are celebrating the Oscars, a wedding, a graduation, prom, anniversary or a monumental birthday — make the event stand out by adding a red carpet runner. Make it a 'best of the best' celebration by bringing the red carpet atmosphere. Make each guest feel special.

Shop by Color

Splashes of color can change the entire look and feel of a room. Get tips for easy, instant decorating upgrades. Learn how to choose from among our many color options. Learn more.

For the Bedroom

Bedrooms are not just for sleeping. Make your space more comfortable and functional by adding Area Rugs and / or Carpet Runners. Learn more.

Solutions for Pets, Young and Old

Provide protection and comfort for your older pet with non-slip surfaces in your home. Help your pal get around. Or for the puppy that's not yet steady on his feet, a non-slip surface can make movement easier and protect the flooring. Learn more.