October 18, 2017 · Posted by Gabrielle Alyse

It's hard to know the true quality of products offered online when you can't see them in person until you've already made the purchase.

When you're trying to choose between colors, taking the time to learn about the qualities of each product will make your decision so much easier. In this video, you get a close-up view of the backing. The weight of the carpet makes it lay flat.

The edges are bound so they don't fray, and to ensure that your rug looks great for years to come.

Ways You Can Use a Black Carpet Runner

Halloween is almost here, and in case you have a party you still need to plan, here's our insider tip: making a grand entrance elevates the glamour of any gathering.

That being said, outside of the Halloween context, why would you want to use a black carpet runner?

Everyone knows exactly what's going on when you see a red carpet set up at the entrance to an event. So how do you make it clear that you're serving the same purpose when you use a black carpet for your grand entrance?

First, you might consider framing the carpet with lights, decor, or something similar to make it feel distinct from a black carpet placed at the door just for a practical purpose. Stanchions are frequently used with a red carpet for crowd control, and they're also an easy solution for a black carpet entrance.

Generally, stanchions are red to match the red carpet. You can keep it that way for some color contrast, or you can get it really unified and make the ropes black to match your carpet.


Walk the Red Carpet, or the Black Carpet?

Red is familiar. We all know that walking the red carpet usually means you're either a celebrity, or a very special VIP guest. 

But what about walking a black carpet? Is there ever a time you would actually use this? Turns out, there definitely is. 

We're very excited about Halloween coming up, so let's start there. 

Who needs to walk a red carpet to feel fabulous, when you can make it feel like the height of spooky glam walking the black carpet instead?

If you want your event to feel sophisticated, a little understated, but still very chic, gracing the entrance with a black carpet runner is the way to go. 

I'm all for red, anytime, anywhere, but sometimes red can be just a little too flashy. 

When you want to branch out from the event decorating status quo, your guests will love the subtle twist of walking down a black carpet as they arrive. 

A fall wedding is one of the many ways you can work a Black Outdoor Carpet Runner into your decor.


If you're feeling extra motivated, you could line your entrance with lights to show it off just a little more. Torches, candles, solar lamps, twinkle lights; you have lots of options to choose from.