September 17, 2014 · Posted by Dee Dee Benitez

Artificial turf runners are a great option for sprucing up outdoor events. They are lightweight and easy to transport and can provide extra safety to your guests or customers. Artificial turf runners can be used for everything from simple outdoor weddings and graduation ceremonies to corporate outings and large sporting events.

Although our turf runners are most commonly staked to dirt and grass, they also work great on hard surfaces, like cement, tile flooring, and asphalt.

The information in this post will help you secure your turf runner to a hard surface, adding that colorful touch to your event and ensuring safety for your guests.

  1. Prepping the surface - We recommend sweeping the area to remove any dirt and debris where you will be laying down your turf runner. This will provide a more ideal surface for the double sided carpet tape.
  2. Placing your turf runner down – Simply roll out your turf runner, a smooth surface is ideal.
  3. Applying the duct tape – Fold back the end of your turf runner and apply a six or seven inch piece of duct tape to the back of your turf runner, along the edge works best. This will serve as a smooth surface to apply your double sided carpet tape to. Applying this duct tape will also protect the backing on your turf runner, adding time to the life of your turf runner.
  4. Applying the double sided carpet tape - Next we are going to place a piece of the double sided carpet tape directly over the duct tape that is on the back of the turf runner.
  • Double sided carpet tape is designed to be torn or ripped instead of cutting it with a pair of scissors. This will allow the liner to separate from the tape, making it easy for you to pull apart.
  • Your piece of double sided carpet tape should be smaller than your piece of duct tape.
  • Like with any adhesive, temperature may play a role in how well or not well the double sided carpet tape adheres to your surface, be sure to plan accordingly. If in a cold weather situation, you might want to use a few extra pieces.
  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 – Continue this process at both ends of your turf runner and approximately every 5 feet or so on both sides of the turf runner.
  2. Apply pressure to the taped areas – This will force the tape to adhere to the hard surface.
  3. Celebrate comfortably knowing that you have gone the extra step to ensure your guests safety.

Storing your turf runner

  1. When you are done with your turf runner, simply sweep it off or hose it off to wash away any dirt or debris.
  2. Once your turf runner is completely dry, simply pull back the runner and remove only the double sided carpet tape, leaving the duct tape for the next times use, protecting the backing of your turf runner.
  3. For most surfaces the double sided tape will not leave a residue, if by chance it does, you can simply use an adhesive cleaner such as Goo Gone.

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